Rade is a sexy beast found in the Fuka-Lot Jungle and its favourite prey are sexy females.
by SxyBst January 24, 2007
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Bergen word for Gatorade. The cool version of Gatorade.
Bergen Kid (awesome): Yo get me some rade.

Bosco Kid: What is rade?
by WizKhalifa48 October 24, 2010
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Mainly used to describe that of a fat white teenage piece of crap known for snitching and thinking hes great when everyone laughs at him.

Social media try hard that eveyone knows of a dipshit
John is becoming just like a Rade
by PimPachU4 May 19, 2018
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One who calls others stupid when he himself is an idiot. One who thinks he's a gangster when everyone actually laughs at him, and finally a teenage piece of crap that likes to shit out of his mouth
Rade called me an idiot. lol
by Zvonehosa December 21, 2009
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fuckin sassy monster, nase oner. cant get chicks cause they get carpet burn when they fuck him.
better shave your back, your turning into a rade.
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
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