An actual angel in the presence of average humans
Phil Lester is an actual precious bean
by SillySillySausage March 2, 2016
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The sweetest, most pure person you know. They always surprise you with how adorable they are and you just want to cuddle them 24/7 for being SO PRECIOUS!
Girlfriend: "Dominick is just the most precious little bean. He's such a sweetheart!"
by Snugglemuffin_sunny October 27, 2021
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GalaxyCloud. She is the definition of precious bean ok
Dude 1: Man GalaxyCloud is such a precious bean.
Dude 2: I mean she's literally the definition of precious bean so???
by eepers June 25, 2020
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That one Astrology discord server's members (although we don't include visitors in this statement and problematic people :nicki:)
Person 1 : Omg! I stan the most precious beans in the Universe !
Person 2 : Who?
Person 1 : People from that one Astrology discord server! They're amazing!
by vnsslytherin December 23, 2019
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