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Belief in or advocacy of preferential treatment for or unusual burdens upon persons of a particular race, because of that race rather than other reasons.
Denying Negros voting rights in the US was an example of racism.
by Esse April 21, 2005
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somebody named peter that is retarded or acts like it
peter stop being a petard and quit lighting my hair on fire!
by esse March 23, 2005
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Chicano slang meaning "troublemaker". Groups beyond Chicanos have become familiar with the term and may use it.

Specific fashions might be adopted by people seeking to project a "cholo" image, but no particular appearance is necessary to be a troublemaker or cholo.
<i>Zoot suiters might think they are being so cool, but with the war on they are just being a bunch of cholos.</i>
by Esse March 28, 2005
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