to go beyond any other form of skill, danger, extreme, madness something so great its very hard to comprehend.
ben: hey man you see how rad that guy was
nick: yeh dude he was Rabl
by zaqplop August 23, 2008
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Word that is repeated over and over, to either drown out someone else or just annoy.
Joe:"Hey I heard you wanted to go-


by D.A.L September 19, 2008
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People tired of the world ROFL use RABL.

Which makes no sense at all.
Person 1: Damn I got pwnd in a 1on1 UT by a n00b
Person 2: rabl!
by supreme April 09, 2004
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Rables means that your confused and scared at the same time. The word Rables came from old English meaning "scardy cat".
"The girl was rables when she saw the ghost"
by Saffron Walden February 11, 2018
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This was derived from the word able: “having sufficient power, resources, or knowledge to accomplish something.”
Rable” is associated with something which cannot be easily explained, understood, or completed in a way which is both efficient and effective.
The term “rable” is often used regarding issues of great importance which are generally disregarded or improperly adhered to due to their complexity or plain old laziness.
“This Quality Control thing is all a bunch of rable! What do they even do in a day?”

“Why is it so important to record these numbers anyways, those MTRS are all a bunch of rable! He will never know K969 isn’t the heat number for a piece of 20” schedule 80 pipe.”
by QCLI October 14, 2015
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Spinoff of "Rebel." A rabel is a more hardcore rebel/redneck.
*guy drives by in pickup w/ mud all over it and a nascar hat* "Jesus Christ that guy was a rable.
by ZombiePosessor May 09, 2004
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