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Seems to have a major ego, but is nice to most people...
I'm not mean to people, i just show other people what they are really like
by supreme June 02, 2003
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Ontzettend dikke ochtend lul.

Dutch for: Incredible big 'in the morning' cock.

The cause of an Odol is unknown, there are different theories.

It can be caused when a guy has too much urine in his bladder, and so the cock gets in 'erection mode' so the urine can't flow through the cock, prevents a guy from pee-ing in his bed.
Girl in bed: What's that ?
Guy in bed: Sorry, I've got an Odol.
by supreme April 09, 2004
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People tired of the world ROFL use RABL.

Which makes no sense at all.
Person 1: Damn I got pwnd in a 1on1 UT by a n00b
Person 2: rabl!
by supreme April 09, 2004
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Is the multiple deposit of both fecal matter and ejaculate in one's under grament.

It is a derivitive of Squizzard (a very messy shit in your pants) and Whank
to materbate).
That Cat is so nasty his draws is all sqwankded up.
by supreme November 25, 2004
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