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To have an arse like a 'Rabbits Nose': To become so nervous as to develop an anal 'twitch' in anticipation of a forthcoming event. To be 'shitting oneself'.
I had an arse like a rabbits nose when they pulled me over. I was so ripped to the tits that i'd already pissed my pants several miles earlier and run over a dog and a small child.
by chesterpest January 17, 2010
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Rabbit's Nose is a saying when your nose doesn't stop itching, twitching, or when you have a runny nose. The sensation when you just want to rub or scratch it all day to make it stop. Usually occurs when someone has allergies to certain conditions that effect the nose. Like pets, dandruff, dust, pepper, and anything else that may effect your naval. It can usually be said during the Spring Season.
Ex 1) My nose won't stop running and all this sniffling is getting to me, it's like I got Rabbit's nose.

Ex 2) Your pet is giving me Rabbit's nose. May you please take them into the other room while I am here? Thanks!

Ex 3) Can my Rabbit's nose please stop running, all this tissue paper isn't helping dang it! At this point I'm going to have a dry nose...
by Tranquil Bunny May 04, 2019
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