Did you see those rabs at the party, who the hell where they?
by Maria Tiziana Stuparitz January 8, 2008
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Albanian term for weed/grass derived from the word "bar". Usually used to prevent problems with the cilops(police). By now a well known term for weed and should be avoided inside albanian territory
Edi Rama: Ku esht rabi o kar! (Where's the weed you dick!)
Sali Berisha: Ato cunat e kan. (These guys have it.)
Edi Rama: Hajd t'i hedhin në burg për 3 vjet vetem për një teke (Let's put them 3 years in jail just for a joint!) #TrueStory #2016
by Cilopi June 27, 2016
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When multiple places are robbed at once
Casinos were rabbed in Oceans 11
by 10293947 June 6, 2019
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Word used by The Donnas in most of their songs. I don't actually know what it means... i was hoping someone could help me.
He's the rabbest in the school.
by Megan June 25, 2004
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hero of worship in scotland, always a protestant of upstanding faith.
Rab was in full voice at Ibrox on Saturday leading the Blue Order choir.
by Grahame Roberts May 9, 2003
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Slang for Common name Robert. Similar to Rob or Bob.
What is your Name?
Robert, but my friends call me Rab.
by Rab Rice January 21, 2005
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1- To Mislead or sabotage an issue with something off topic.
2- To talk about something that actually doesn't exist as if everyone knows about its existence.

Example: You are rabbing the issue.
by Twerp/Boots January 16, 2020
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