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Albanian term for weed/grass derived from the word "bar". Usually used to prevent problems with the cilops(police). By now a well known term for weed and should be avoided inside albanian territory
Edi Rama: Ku esht rabi o kar! (Where's the weed you dick!)
Sali Berisha: Ato cunat e kan. (These guys have it.)
Edi Rama: Hajd t'i hedhin në burg për 3 vjet vetem për një teke (Let's put them 3 years in jail just for a joint!) #TrueStory #2016
by Cilopi June 27, 2016
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Mike: *Goes on Facebook and see's a hoe posting a picture*, comments "Lmao why you showin yo ass like that smh r.a.b"
by Hezi June 30, 2012
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Since the release of Rowling's Black family tree (auctioned off), it has become more and more probable that the mysterious R.A.B. is Regulus Arcturus Black. It just fits. However, you gotta be suspicious of this, because Rowling never makes anything so obvious... but who else could it be? I suppose I'll believe this theory, but something tells me we're probably in for a surprise.
... R.A.B. is probably Regulus Arcturus Black, Sirius' younger brother, who was killed at the age of 18, presumably by Voldemort himself.
by Onymous... April 06, 2006
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Rabs is a word created by D.Holmes in the summer of 2005 while smoking. It clearly means, Roll Another Blunt Son
Rabs- Roll Another Blunt Son
Sabs- Smoke Another Blunt Son

Dabs- Drink Another Beer Son > Created Spring 2006
by D.Holmes March 30, 2006
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Acting in a regretful manner, or to be full of regret following an action.

Comes from the phrase, 'rab-regret'.
Look at that feeble man doing the walk of shame. Bet he's rab-regretting that.
by Vikram Ramsey December 22, 2010
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