"yo man, you hear about that party next weekend?"

"yeah dude, jsut don't invite any RABs...last time they smoked all the blunts!"
by show none April 13, 2009
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albanian word for marijuana/ganja formed by inversing the word bar which means herb.
Hajde cuna do pijm rab se e kam marr te mire fare sot.

Po me daku hajde e fikim aty poshte pallatit
by [w3x]franklin March 15, 2011
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Rab is short for "rude-ass bitch." A less-gendered definition can be "rude ass bobo."
Stanley, stop being such a rab!

Nobody likes a rabby patty.

Yep, that's me--rabalicious!
by rabbarabba April 02, 2013
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used in the movie "thank you for smoking" to describe who mainly smoke in movies

i love the RABS
RABS smoke to much
by Honey3 September 09, 2006
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1- To Mislead or sabotage an issue with something off topic.
2- To talk about something that actually doesn't exist as if everyone knows about its existence.

Example: You are rabbing the issue.
by Twerp/Boots January 16, 2020
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