Noob - How to use that function?

Geek - rtfd
Noob - ??
by mayankkaizen November 18, 2015
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Stands for "read the fucking documentation". Mainly used in IRC or forums about computer software.
Foo says: How can I connect to my CUPS remote administration interface?
Bar says: Foo, RTFD
by Jonathan Vargas March 1, 2007
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"Hey what am I supposed to do?"
by ArbyCowBoo November 26, 2008
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Read The Freaking Directions, usually used in discussion about any electronic item.
Johnny: "Hey, Jimmy, can you tell me how to turn on this new television?"

by bigal1776 October 14, 2008
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Read The F***ing Drawings
Drawing reviewers need to RTFD before making comments.
Contractors need to RTFD before asking questions.
by JediArch November 28, 2018
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Read the Fucking Description. Used in YouTube a lot when tools ask questions that are answered in the description.
"wuts the song at 0:25"
"rtfd, you lazy dipshit."
by theblumeanie May 5, 2009
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