Acronym for Roll on the floor starving.
1)I'm so hungry ROFS!

2) ROFS you're so fat!
by Diglett May 6, 2007
Abbreviation for "Roll On Floor Seizing"

A variation on ROFL (Roll On Floor Laughing)
"OMG you're so funnny"

"ROFS I know!"

"ROFS? Do you need to go to the hospital???"
by ressaler September 23, 2009
How is life?
Me: *ROFS*
by LeBigMex April 23, 2018
Rolling On Floor Shitting

a way to express emotion
much like yelling or laughing.

lowercase denotes doing it slowly, or with care.
uppcare indicates a sudden and violent usage.
<someguy> hey guys , im not wearing any pants
<otherguy> ROFS!
by dran0s June 29, 2006
To PWN and/or rape a novie.
wow dude you just got roffed.

dude i just roffed some noob.

yeah bitch you got roffed!
by pooplip March 22, 2008
Relating to the popular ROFL ( Rolling on the floor laughing ). ROF stands for "Rolling on the Floor". This occurs when there is a fire and all of sudden you have to "Roll on the Floor" so your ass doesnt get burnt, or when something funny happens and the laughing is self explanitory; therefore one would just "ROF"
Holy shit there's a fire, quick ROF!

Oh my god, that girl has a mean cameltoe, i just ROF'D a little.
by Chillwill5510 May 23, 2010
To be screwed over and have one's schedule ruined for the whole week.
We just got Roffed by that prima donna band.
by mad camp July 13, 2009