Engineer: we are gonna have the generator fixed RN
by ItzDopeCope345 June 18, 2018
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acronym for "right now" meaning shit's going down live/in-real-time, irt
LASHAWN: get up, we're getting burgers
CORY: i am hungover as shit rn man, pick me someth up?
LASHAWN: yeah it'll pass faster if you get your ass up, let's go
by idtst May 11, 2017
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RN is also a shortened version of Right Now. It's used when your too lazy to type.
"Sarah, your a ho like RN, kthx." -Brie
by Brie October 16, 2004
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I smacked him with a Teddy Williams' baseball bat like the Bear Jew. It was RNS.
by The Santoro June 23, 2010
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Laughing, eating, having drinks and rapping together with someone (mostly about loyalty, integrity & brotherhood) for 15+ years and then deciding it is time to fuck his current girlfriend. Famously came out after the most popular Macedonian rapper Tonyo San (RNS) did this to a long time friend and group member.
Man, I can't believe he pulled an RNS on him.
by Nakot June 30, 2018
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When a registered nurse is condescending you reply "I'm an RN too I'm a REAL NIGGA"

Black guy who IS ballin
by Juicay December 18, 2016
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Person 1: On some RNS, I'm boutta fuck her up for talking shit!!😤
Person 2: She deserve it fr fr!
by Skittlegang1 December 22, 2015
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