acronym standing for "in real time"

when added to a sentence or exchange of information, "irt"gives the context that the data just exchanged is the most recent, i.e., relevant.

real time: live, current, present, as-it-happens, as-of-now
YOU: aren't you getting my texts?
ME: no sorry- my phone number is 555-2334 irt. text me there.
YOU: why?
ME: bc i never paid my bill so i'm using a text-to-talk app.

it's 7:52 a.m. irt but by the time you read this it could be evening.
by idtst August 14, 2016
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The sound one makes at the frustration of having performed a typo.
Bob (typing) : Hey man, what are you doinfgh tonight?

Bob (speaking) : IRT
by Ironmanning July 4, 2010
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"hey did you go to the irts concert last night dude?"
"no man didnt catch it"
by Braddy March 30, 2008
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In Reply To or In Response To
Blaze: Can anybody help me??
Luke: IRT Blaze Yes I can.
by Diamond January 10, 2004
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Interborough Rapid Transit Company, aka the subway train.
In NYC, if you catch the IRT Lexington Avenue Line, you'll end up in a ratchet neighborhood.
by N3vvRmiNd March 24, 2014
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(Also: Irt or irt)

1. An initialism for "In Reply To" to ensure that readers know to whom you are addressing in the Comments section of an online article since some web pages fail to insert this information automatically.

2. A useful abbreviation inserted as the leading entry of a/your comment followed by one, blank, character space and the name/moniker of a previous commenter to whom you are replying. Examples: IRT Bob Jones, Irt BillyBob, irt sillywilly.

3. A better alternative to the aggressive-sounding @ (at symbol) currently used by many in comment-threads.
IRT NocturnalNancy, I, too, prefer working at night as opposed to day.

Irt John W,
Will you, at least, agree that we must act on reducing carbon emissions now, as opposed to later?
by Dave1950 September 8, 2022
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Sally: Woah, you beat me at Halo... again...
Sally: You're a bad sport.
Bob: Suck it.
by lauuuuryyynnn July 21, 2008
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