The wrong word used for a car's wheel. Used by rappers and morons who do not realise that a rim is not a wheel.
Fool: "Yo dawg check dem rims biatch!"

Enthusiast: "Those are wheels"
by t3q driver November 05, 2009
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A nice ass normally used while talking about women
Hey do you see those rims?
Look at those rims.
by TS2001 September 17, 2017
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The subject of every "crunk" rap song, along with "TWUNNY FOES", and prostitution and strippers.
Crunk sucks, rims.. pssh..
by Desmond Thrithri October 03, 2006
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The visible part of a car wheel. These parts are often highly customized by people who want to show off their car. They can be various colors. The most common colors are usually gold or silver. Some of these have special spinners in them so they spin even when the car is not in motion. Rims are one feature that set a car apart from being a stock model. Like jewelry for a car. Many people desire rims and will go to great lengths to acquire them. Some people may steal them off cars, car jack a person to get them, or kill somebody over them. They are often used as a status symbol.
"Man check out those pimped out rims!"

"Those are the sickest rims I've ever seen!"
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
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The outer part of a wheel that supports a tire. The urban definition of rim would be the entire wheel. Obviously some people were very unknowledgable to cars and now rim means wheel, how gay.
"I bent the rim on my bike, good thing I don't have to buy and entire wheel."

"Yo DaWg, tHoSe rImS aRe hIpE!!!"
by Key dawg July 24, 2004
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1. The edge/ring around your asshole. Can be said.
2. The edge of anything (garbage bin, basketball ring).
1. "Man, my rim is 'caning' after that fat 'borrence'."
2. "I tried to throw my rubbish in the bin, but it hit the rim and bounced out."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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RIMS are found on Bicycles, Motorcycles, Etc. They are used with spokes and a center hub to form a complete wheel assembly.

WHEELS are found on Automobiles.
the same morons that call nitrous (nitrous oxide) Noss, call Wheels Rims.

They are easily identified by thier "whip" which has zero performance improvements, is covered in racing stickers, has a spoiler on the trunk, and an oversized coffee can muffler; which would have added performance... if they had done a basic tune-up first.
by hojhiiiohfosd March 09, 2008
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