To be shot in the head by the dying will bullet (from katekyo hitman REBORN!)

When this happens, ones clothes rip off (Exept of the under garments)

The recipiant becomes super strong, fast and can do anything!!!

Can also be used to discribe ones determination
Guy 1. When jim failed his math test, he studied like crazy to get his grade up

Guy 2. Yah, its as if he was REBORN!
by Derek Zoolander III April 7, 2008
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n: A tall, sexy hitman with curly side burns. Turns into a baby for awhile, giving him immortality. Wont admit his gayness for a certain blond who says 'kora' too much. A douche bag at times, but means well. Apart of the Vongola family.
That Reborn is a crazy home tutor!
by DANCHODANCHO January 28, 2009
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What is Reborn ?

It is a tiberian sun based mod for Renegade (westwood game).

Based? Yeah, we add some units because the copy of a RTS to a FPS would be boring to play.


- 2 sides: GDI & NOD
- 14 characters for each side
- 10 or more vehicles for each side (aircrafts included)
- Stealth generator and mobile stealth generator.
- 26 or more weapons
- Underground system for vehicles
- Jumpjet infantry
- and MUCH more...

We plan to add more features with the time. Some of the stuff you think impossible on Renegade engine aren't so impossible...
by Aircraftkiller January 5, 2005
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A professional Critical Ops player. Non-toxic, loyal and actually good at the game but always stuck with noob clans for some reason. Inventor of word “butch” and one of the founding members of “LyRa”.
Reborn is a butch
by boobsmaker69 January 5, 2022
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rebornation - to start over and fix yourself. It's just like saying, your going to change for someone. -- rebordanate, rebornation, reBORN, CHANGE.
Drastic measures cause for drastic changes - stage 1 of rebornation
by Jay July 28, 2004
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Reborn is a word to describe a cunt, or a homosexual bitch who loves to suck dick. It's actual name is known as "reborios", the greek meaing of "faggot" or "bitch", as now we pronounce it reborn.
Look at Alex over here, he's such a god damn reborn...
by navigatorion November 25, 2017
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reborn is a good quake 2 player, he rules, owns Melz cos melz sucks :P
reborn 100
melz 10
by reborn May 23, 2003
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