5 definitions by Macbeth42

A short season in Saskatchewan that happens during April. It consists of warm temperatures one week only to be followed by below zero temperatures and large amounts of blowing snow.
I can't take anymore of this Sprinter. I wish summer would arrive already.
by Macbeth42 May 4, 2005
A Canadian author who was mistakenly titled as Canada's number one author.
"Now it's time for a poem by Canada's 'greatest author,' MARGARET ATWOOD!..."
by Macbeth42 May 3, 2005
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A group of non-corrupt, polite and nice police officers mainly in Canada. They can often be found at Tim Hortons drinking Ice Caps and butter pecan tarts.
"Phew! It's just the RCMP behind me. Nothing to worry about."
by Macbeth42 May 13, 2005
A piece of crap car often full of rust with various parts broken or missing and replaced by such things as blanket, duct tape,, cardboard, etc.
"My muffler just fell off again. Stupid piece of wagonburner crap."
by Macbeth42 May 3, 2005
Any person (most likely an English teacher) who is obsessed with commas being used properly.
My English teacher is a commanist.
by Macbeth42 May 4, 2005