Replicate and Duplicate!

Where in some places, Intellectual Property law has no use; where ppl just rip, and copy.
Guy1:Dude, is that a iPhone?

Guy2:Oh no, it's the R&D version!
by Quicklite February 25, 2010
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Research and Development, the part of a company geared toward developing things that will produce a hopefully good commercial yield and have an unpredetermined outcome.
Man 1: Here is a picture that will hopefully encourage people to buy our project.
Man 2: Show it to R&D.
by ??? Allen September 25, 2006
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Research and Development. Usually used in business to refer to the research and development that a product needs.
Businessman: Hey how is your company doing?
Entrepreneur: Yeah it going well. We are now doing R&D. We hope to finish in 2 years
by Infernoflame July 10, 2021
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Root & dash - commonly practiced by fuckboys of Sydney
The boys: Oi Jono how was Dianna last night?

Jono: yeh she was aight but probs gonna chuck a R&D.
by ugdrays December 5, 2020
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Rampant and Do-able. Cos our R&d dept consists of one of the fittest girls i have ever seen and man in she naughty......
Wow dude how R&D is she......
by the rubbing rag December 12, 2006
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the r-slur, yeah, hoe, its a slur. idc who you are, if you are neurotypical, DON'T SAY THE WORD!
Trevor: r****d
*yeets Trevor of a cliff with a trebuchet*
by Milkyboi:) December 3, 2020
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Lit underground rapper from the streets of brisbane
part of the rap group Gastronomy
Soundcloud - chefboirdee
you here ma "Boi r D" on the track fam
by rashid rashid November 6, 2016
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