Hey, Lets hit up R to the L tonight, I just got paid!
by goatofcolors October 6, 2006
Did you watch south park last night? Sooo funny i was r o f l!
by Ashley McLean October 16, 2007
I r r e l e v a n t

N o t I m p o r t a n t

👆 Bitch that's you

Yall boutta catch these hands cuzz yall think you relevant and act like the shit but fr fr you ainttttt, you trippin on cold ice nibba. You truly are irrelevant son so start acting irrelevant and leave your irrelevant ass back in a chair and watch me glo honey cause mhmmm im important mkay. Btw gotta space it out to show aesthetics, something YOU don't know so byeeee~~~ xoxo stay irrelevant hunty
by Ur Sexc Sharmuta January 18, 2017
A really outlandish love,
Stricken to strive sourchful style in life.
Separation is a serpents pleasure with I.

Reminding me of field where I dreamed you and I, we walked on the sky.

Together the water was the source of engery we aurora’d Alive, castles with drawl bridges not far further distanced lied.

The spectrum of color cut sharpess glares through my eyes.

I sit next to you on a crate, as your eyes alline pathways into mine,
Inside you I see me, my true ego and awareness as human at least I can’t decide.

Weather were ever really seperated just congruent to the frequency of each others minds.

I need it I want more it intrigues me everytime.
Every second til the gas light leaves me reminded I’m congitive disaster clementine.

Cemented to my feet I sink deeper in your soul, radiate your chi through chakras all in glance.

This picture perfect spectrum, flashes as you blink the hint.
Back to earth from yonder, your vessel starts to twitch.
Looking in my eyes love I see the discontinent.

Say my name and look around, your soul and heart is his.

Little does playground stomp with you and me.
I’m really quite withdrawing from the emotions I have hid.
I can’t say it unless we’re alone but it can’t be makebelieve.

Can’t you reach out for me and show me I’m not just feeling nothing from your seat.
by Titus dyfilid February 17, 2019
Area/rent/location. The vital stats of a new apartment, area in this case meaning square footage.
Andrew - So I just moved into my new place in Montreal

Jill - Oh yeah? a/r/l?
by JilliefromChile September 1, 2008
When you Really, Really, Really, Really, Like-Like-Like someone. This would be equal to soul mate love, no higher level of affection
After one weekend with Jennifer, I knew it was Quad R Triple L
by funny tongue May 17, 2010
Comrade what are you waiting for the T H E G R E A T T R I A L awaits
by Dmitry Yazov April 14, 2021