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This is a term for Mother F*cker or Mother F*ckin that can be slipped into any abreviated or slang phrase without offending the majority of the public.
I really need to know if you can attend this party A-S-A-M-F-P! Hey Johnny, Did you get that M Fin' car started yet? <> For the ultimate effect, add a G D before the M F to abreviate God D*mn Mother F*ckin for ultimate stress relief without offending. EX Hello, I'd like you to meet my G D to the M F boss Mr. Sucabut.
by goatofcolors October 06, 2006

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1. A herpie, scabie, lice, STD or any other physical ailment of a disease transmitted from direct contact with a person displaying skank like qualities.

2. A term describing someone who is annoying, vulgar, or generally revolting such as an STD or disease transmitted from a skank would be.
1. Damn it! What happens in Vegas evidently doesn't always stay in Vegas cause those 2 dolla hookers gave me Skankersores!

2. If you don't stop acting like a skankersore, you will never get the ladies!
by goatofcolors January 05, 2007

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Another term for Red Lobster
Hey, Lets hit up R to the L tonight, I just got paid!
by goatofcolors October 06, 2006

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As Soon As Mother Fuckin Possible
I need a confirmation from you ASAMFP!
by goatofcolors August 18, 2009

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Women who are high maintenence but beautiful to look at usually exhibiting top of the line clothing, the perfect manicure, and a shiney, healthy, just out of the salon hairstyle.
Look at all the shiney hairs in the joint! I could probably get a number but I am intimidated by their beauty.
by goatofcolors November 27, 2008

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An uncircumcised penis that has a significant bend when in the erect state. Can vary in size.
Its bad enough to have a hook skin, but to have a small hook skin is the worst.
by goatofcolors February 03, 2010

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The vile and disgusting act in which the festering qualities of diseased genetalia grind in vigorously rigorous copulation. Either singular party, though usually both, supply great amounts of skankersores during the act with intent to spread diseases around the world.
Hey, baby, lets oogie boogie!
by goatofcolors July 25, 2007

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