Seokjin of BTS’s misspelling of the word ‘cute’. Can be seen during the Entertainment Weekly video titled ‘ BTS A To Z Outtakes: Wrong Answers Only’.
(The letter is Q)
Jin: Qute *pokes cheeks*
Joon: C, that’s C.
by niqhtyoonqi March 23, 2021
When a guy is bad looking, but you don't want to be rude when telling him. Kinda like phat and fat
by Saintmarry June 5, 2017
An often online misspell of the word cute. Pronounced the same.
"OMG, he is SOOOo QUTE!" ~Obsessed fangirl
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005
A sexual act meaning when two men shove fruit up their ass, dance around a little bit, and then eat it while they fuck eachother and cry.
1: So what did you and Marty do last night?

2: Not much. We had dinner, watched Seinfeld, then we quted like there was no tomorrow.
by Tundee Way September 12, 2005
The lazy mans way to say 'electricuted'. The 'q' was added for it's hipster effect.
Damn nigga, you see that wild storm yesterday?

Yeah man, my bitch got quted.
by Adrienne the Hipster August 24, 2005
a liking to something that looks nice or
Looking nice

feeling nice
innocent features of people faces (Height is never included)
I feel qute today

Nicole you are so qute.
That's a qute piece of furniture.
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022