A member of a group called BTS.
A visual, multi-talented and sporty guy who can trend by simply getting out of a car, standing third from the left and giving hand kisses. AKA great guy and mr worldwide handsome.

Also the master of all boards (ex: snowboard, surf board, wakeboard, chopping board)
How to get a man like seokjin? I guess it won't be possible coz there's only one in this universe.
by tejie1204 August 29, 2017
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Seokjin is one of the talented and hardworking members of the kpop group bts. He is famous for the terms, car door guy, third guy from the left and worldwide handsome.

He has a lot of dad jokes too, so if you want a laugh he has a storage of jokes ready for you.
Seokjin is hardworking and he deserves more.
by ids_93 August 29, 2017
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The 8th wonder of the world. An ethereal and humble man. An actual walking King. The word ethereal and Seokjin are synonymous. Seokjin is the perfect man. He is good looking, has cry worthy body proportions, has a balance of funny and serious, can cook, dance, act, voice touches the soul, is funny and doesn't give a shite bout what others think. A Visual King, who serves more on the plate than just looks. Loved for how laid back and real he is.
No one is worthy of Seokjin!

Stob it BH, Seokjin doesn't deserve your bs.
by Sorry_baeh August 29, 2017
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vocal, visual, dad joke enthusiast, king of trends and trending. A whole man.
by DON'T DISRESPECT THE KING August 29, 2017
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Is not a mom or princess ok?
Seokjin doesn't like being called mom or princess
by cyphertae August 29, 2017
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A man who is the most handsome. He has a lot of talent and is very kind. He loves to eat and can sing well. He is underappreciated but should be loved by many. He is ethereal. The world does not deserve such a human.
by Pinipples November 17, 2018
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If someone says "omg u look so Seokjin" it means that they are complimenting you and saying that you look nice
Omg you look so Seokjin today
by Chole4112 October 16, 2018
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