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A base word that pertains to sound, communication, and pronunciation.
I hate the background music for the Hooked-On-Phonics commercial.
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005
A fancy word for talking about French Kissing. Not actually doing it, just talking about it.

The prefix Noro- combined with phonics. Put them together... Norophonics.
If you are "under age in norophonics", that means you are too young to be talking about it and should find another subject to discuss.
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005
A cute, short simple way to make the word picture shorter. Pronounced "Pick-ee".

Commonly used on fanart websites.
"EEee! What a qute piccy of Zim!"
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005
Plural form of the word "piccy", meaning pictures.
Yea, I submitted a few piccies to FAC yesterday.
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005

2. Describing a person who is a complete and total loser who tries to fit in even though they have little chances of this ever happening.

3. A nonsense word with no real meaning that is enjoyable to pronounce multiple times.
Popular kid: "Don't be such a squain!"
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005
1. A group of teens (or twenty-year-olds who act like teens) that have gone to a bar and gotten drunk. Usually applies to girls.

2. Non-plural version, Drunken Apple, refers to only one individual who has become drunk and/or acts drunk.

3. The title of a nonsense media file about apples & apple juice making someone drunk.
"You see all those drunken apples come out of that bar?"
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005
A prefix meaning kiss or french kiss. Best used in the word norophonics.
noro- does not mean neuro-.
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005