2 definitions by Tundee Way

1)An Amphibious Operation Attacking A Land Base That Is Carried Out By Troops That Are Landed By Naval Ships.

2) A Band Formed By Ex-Kittie Members Fallon Bowman And Talena Atfield. Mostly Techo/Electronic Style Music.
Mitch: Whatever happened to Fallon from Kittie?
Stephanie: She started her own band called Amphibious Assault. I have their album (District Six); it's really good.
by Tundee Way July 22, 2006
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A sexual act meaning when two men shove fruit up their ass, dance around a little bit, and then eat it while they fuck eachother and cry.
1: So what did you and Marty do last night?

2: Not much. We had dinner, watched Seinfeld, then we quted like there was no tomorrow.
by Tundee Way September 12, 2005
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