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First and foremost, white-trash/Mexican male, typically from the 909. A wannabe-chillbro, but just not chill enough to be one. His nature includes: dirty Quiksilver shirts he finds for half price at Savers, plus the same plaid shorts every day, not brushing his teeth-with nasty plaque all over, making up stories about girls he "hooks up with," his mom buys him alcohol so that his friends will like him, drives pathetically non-chillbro foreign pieces of shit that his mom owns, saying phrases like: "not even tight," "not even worried," "NAH!!," "just quit bro" and any other phrases that he steals from others to make him seem cool, thinks he's friends with the hot girls in class, but no one likes him and thinks he's annoying, thinks he's chill by inviting girls to shitty concerts, is on myspace every other 5 minutes and the other 5 minutes he plays Guitar Hero, never shuts up, most of his friends on Myspace are family members or random bands and has no personality of his own for he copies all of his much-cooler "friends." Can find him at places like Riverside Community College because eventually he'll realize that no one in Arizona likes him (and same with Riverside, but too bad for him...).
Dude that kid is such a queez- driving that piece of shit honda and acting like he's chill/tight.

Dude did you hear how that kid was talking? Did you see what he was wearing? And did you see his teeth? What a Queez!
by Luke b Johnson May 23, 2007
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Quarter of an ounce usually of marijuana.
How much for a queez of that homegrown?
by GanjaGuru October 03, 2003
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A restaurant slang term for a food processor. Since the introduction of the Cuisinart, any food processor can be known as the Queez.
>Where the fuck is that pesto sauce?

>Still in the Queez chef.
by Edmoil January 25, 2007
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