The French Quarter or Vieux CarrΓ©, a neighborhood in New Orleans.
I really liked my apartment in the Quarter, but I had to move to the Marigny when some yuppie consortium bought the building to make condos.
by Wandelndes Lexikon January 05, 2005
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A girl who's personality, looks, sex appeal and overall attractiveness is so high that it actually dwarfs that of the previously known highest level of attractiveness for a female (Dime Piece). This girl usually has the most gorgeous eyes, and has the most addicting touch known to man.
Guy1-"dude, katie is a dime for sure"

Guy2-"Yeah I guess, but emily's a quarter"

by Eulogy21 October 21, 2010
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One quarter ounce (aprox. 7g) of marijuana; any larger amount could result in trafficing or distribution charges, any less is personal posession.
Shit, dog, we got to smoke some of this bag. If the cops catch me with more than a quarter I'm fucked.
by Digby February 22, 2003
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Two or more players take turns setting a quarter into spin on a flat surface (usually a table). An opponent attempts to stop the coin on its edge in an upright position with one finger. Pretty tricky. Success = escape from extreme pain. If you can't prevent the coin from falling flat on the table you have to stand, make a fist, and place your knuckles flat on the table such that they face your opponent. He (or she?) uses a thumb (and probably a terrible amount of force) to slide the quarter at your knuckles, keeping the coin flat on the table surface. A good player will never miss and have you bleeding in the first round.

*this is only a drinking game insofar as no one in his right mind would dream of playing unless grossly intoxicated.

(don't worry, you can tell people you busted your hands kicking someone's ass)
Quarters is the official town sport of Greene, Maine.
by Mr. Stratton November 06, 2004
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1) coins worth 25 cents
2) a place to live or sleep
3) a drinking game in which you bounce quarters into a cup
1) I bought jo mama for a couple of quarters.
2) Jo mama stayed in quarters last night.
3) It would take about 50 games of quarters before I'd even consider bangin' jo mama
by Nick D March 16, 2003
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A drinking game in which 2 or more players try to bounce a quarter into a shot glass. Whichever player misses first then does a shot of some form of liquor. Can be also changed into a form of Horse in which one player will attempt a difficult shot and the other player(s) must match the feat.
We played quarters until i puked.
by dtaps August 04, 2006
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