Sarah: hey there's Catriona's other half
Jane: you mean her other quarter
by namekuji May 30, 2010
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The French Quarter or Vieux Carré, a neighborhood in New Orleans.
I really liked my apartment in the Quarter, but I had to move to the Marigny when some yuppie consortium bought the building to make condos.
by Wandelndes Lexikon January 5, 2005
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A girl who's personality, looks, sex appeal and overall attractiveness is so high that it actually dwarfs that of the previously known highest level of attractiveness for a female (Dime Piece). This girl usually has the most gorgeous eyes, and has the most addicting touch known to man.
Guy1-"dude, katie is a dime for sure"

Guy2-"Yeah I guess, but emily's a quarter"

by Eulogy21 October 21, 2010
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7 grams of weed. Referred to as a quarter because 7 grams is 1/4 of 1 ounce.
Dude, I bought a whole quarter last night.
by can of soda July 21, 2012
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A kiss, peck on the cheek or lips.
She said "kiss me," he gave her a quarter.
by Samantha February 24, 2004
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25 year prison sentence.
See also: Dime Nickel
John:You sure you can trust this guy?
Jake:Yeah, man. He did a Quarter with me up in NSP
by MikeAKALeo<3 September 18, 2016
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using a quarter to help insert something into yours or someone elses anus
Em couldn't get the last bead inserted until she decided to quarter it.
by Libraryguy June 25, 2009
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