1)a coin thats worth 25 cents but ppl steal them anyway
2) a coin that homeless ppl beg for

1)why rob quarters?
2) you dont earn no mother fuckin cent, so you better beg for the quarter
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
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using a quarter to help insert something into yours or someone elses anus
Em couldn't get the last bead inserted until she decided to quarter it.
by Libraryguy June 25, 2009
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short for Quarter mile as used in racing.
also referring to a quarter mile race track.
Me: Hey dude wat does your car run in the quarter?
Ricer: man I run 15's my turbocharged neon is the shit!
Me: um... your an idiot...
by fxstang347 April 16, 2006
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i like money
money is good
to bad it starts wars
dont put money in your mouth
u will get STDs
by duke May 30, 2003
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somebody who is of 4 different unusual races, like a chinese, black, indian, and arab.
anthony is a fuckin quarter and gets beat up at school at everyday because he looks like a fuckin retart quarter
by Kyle Smith July 05, 2004
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