1.Carr is a common surname in northern England, deriving from the Old Norse kjarr, meaning a spear. Kerr is a Scottish variant. Carr is also a common surname in Ireland, where it often derives from the nickname, ard, meaning tall. In some cases it is thought to come from the Welsh word "Cawr", meaning giant.
Carr is a giant-ass fierce warrior that is nuthin to fuck with.
by Ogtripleog90s December 13, 2013
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someone with a narcissistic and elitist personality. arrogant
by jamiethebomb November 1, 2013
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Alex was Carr'ed by Rebekah when she didn't invite him to Cedar Point
by whatthechuk July 21, 2008
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carr is a very nice smart person. very very hot and can get a girl very easily. YALL HE IS TAKEN SO NO ONE GETS HIM. he has beautiful hair beautiful eyes and is always there to listen and make you laugh. he will always be there for you and take time to make you feel better.
bestie “there is carrr ooo
girlfriend “hahaha look how good he looks”
by zuzzie July 13, 2021
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A carr is not, as one may think, a misspelling of the word car. It is actually totally different and way better. A carr is a small woodland creature resembling keira knightley and natalie portman (since they are THE SAME). It is not highly intelligent, and it can be easily swayed into doing anything with one of the following: dark chocolate, strawberry-rhubarb pie, penn badgley, soap. Do not let appearances fool you, however; the carr is highly dangerous when agitated. FEAR IT!!
Hey man, look at that cute little carr over there! Wait, what...what's it...oh no...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!
by Lebang October 12, 2007
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A legend in Somers, Ny that will call you on your phone letting you know if there’s no school or not. He’s the man
“This is Matt Carr calling from the Somers Central School District, please be advised that all schools will be closed due to the inclement weather
by mangojuulpod April 15, 2019
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The act of reaching around the driver's seat, whilst in the back passenger's seat, and giving the driver sexual pleasure. It is prefferable for the giver to have woman-like hands, for that is the only body part seen by the receiver. It is also prefferable to have an unsuspecting passenger in the front seat in the midst of the BC.
While driving home from the dance, I was unsuspectingly given a B. Carr; however, I am unsure of the giver, for all I saw were his/her hands.
by R. Areaux February 16, 2009
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