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A disgusting human being. Typically one who catches people off guard with their repulsive words and actions. The term is an acronym for Nasty Sick Pig.
“Joe asked me to go to his house at 3am while his girlfriend was out of town. What a NSP!”

“Joseph drank too much and vomited all over his living room. NSP!!”
by SliceMaster69 February 03, 2019
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Ninja Sex Party, a band consisting of Leigh Daniel “SexbangAvidan and “Ninja” Brian Wecht that makes music about sex and covers from the 70s-90s.
Man, That NSP concert was fucking crazy!
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by SamRabbit May 05, 2018
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Basically its an acronym for Naked Shower Party
Guy #1: Hey man wtf did you do last night ?

Guy #2: i went to a crazy party man!
Guy #1: What kind of party dude ?
Guy #2: A fucking NSP Man, naked chicks everywhere
by Saggy xxx November 24, 2009
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No Shirt Party, made popular in the small city of Brockville, Ontario. All partiers men and women alike take off their shirts while dancing. This can be done at parties, clubs, bars ect.
"Man that NSP at the o2 was crazy last night!"
"Do you remember how many chicks we convinced to NSP last night??"
by b0bbydig1tal March 18, 2009
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None Shall Pass

A small, members only Troll group that terrorizes the Zdaemon community with teamwork that rivals the most coordinated teams ever -- all for the wrong reasons.

Common acts of Trolling are but not limited to: Spamming of nonsensical/racist/threatening binds, Team killing on Coop servers, general annoying acts towards admins, mods, and power tripping douchefags. And last but not least, brings the lulz, the guarantees, the derps, and the MMPHs.
Common Zdaemon Player: Fucking NSP is terrorizing the coop servers again, someone ban them!
Zdaemon Server Admin: I wish I could but they just won't stay banned, FML!
NSP member: You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it!
by Mutilatedpuppet September 09, 2009
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see: naked sex parade

Naked Sex Parade &also: Naked(unprotected)Sex Parade
"jen refuses to give me NSP"
by hotdonutsnow February 04, 2004
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