"Quadros" is a slang term used by Norwegian prostitutes. It is used to define a slightly retarded humpback with a venereal disease, which is a common customer of said prostitutes.
"This quadros is looking for a reach-around. I think I'll offer it for $2.50."
by mike1305 September 5, 2007
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Nickname for a quadropolegic
That poor guys a quadro.
by melorganne May 5, 2007
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A dope ass way of saying something is cool
by D3plug April 21, 2021
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Someone who is a jerk to owners of "gaming grade" graphics cards because they have an NVidia Quadro.
Wow, that guy thinks his quadro 600 is better than my Titan X? He's such a quadro snob.
by DodoDude700 June 3, 2015
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Spanish - translates as Square fish. Sealed rectangular containers containing contraband and a GPS beacon are put in the sea so that, by using reliable ocean currents, they wash up on shore in another country. Commonly used by trafficantes to send cocaine from Venezuela and Colombia to the Costa Maya in Mexico.
1) I saw the army helicopter sweep the beach today looking for pez quadro.
2) I found a pez quadro washed up on the beach yesterday and got the hell rid of it. Who needs to be gutted and cleaned by the trafficantes.
by Cojit8 May 11, 2012
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Ultra expensive GPUs made by nVidia to sell to "professional'. Their performance is way worse than the GeForce counterpart
A: Should I buy a Quadro for CAD and Blender
B: No you freaking idiot, buy an RTX 2080 instead
by EasyLife123 September 18, 2019
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