Series of graphic cards released by Nvidia that are manufactured by a variety of corporations such as Asus, Xpertvision. Known most of these days as the preferable GPU for enthusiasts.
GeForce 8 series 8800GT, 8800GTX, 8800Ultra
GeForce 7
GeForce 6
by Cataclysm1c February 24, 2008
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The phrase "Geforce" which is quite opposite to the phrase "Radeon Gas" is used to describe something which is very cool and gives insane values at a price point and a product or a company in a category which is now much better than its predecessor and now that company is making new innovative, better value and good products than before. It is also used to describe a product which is way ahead of it's time and it is super awesome. This phrase is quite popular because of NVIDIA GEFORCE premium cards which are very popular among the PC users due to their insane quality and value. Due to the insane build quality and value of Geforce cards, this phrase is very popular among the PC gamers, "PC GAMING MEANS JUST NVIDIA".
Apple iPhone SE 2020 is really a Geforce as its powerful A13 chip throws all Android flagship phones out of water.
Intel processors are no longer Geforce. They are now Radeon gas.
Xiaomi Mi A3 is really a Geforce as it has a dual glass design with Gorilla Glass 5, Sony 48 MP camera, ultra fast UFS 3.1 storage, OLED screen with in display fingerprint sensor with pure Android under $250.
Nokia's N9 phone with MeeGo OS was really a Geforce, but it was not consider any worthy by Nokia and completely abandoned.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is the only foldable which is very practical to use and it's not much fragile like other foldable phones, so it is really a Geforce.
by RadeonToxicGas May 12, 2020
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Friend 1 : Ayo bro what pc you got
Friend 2:I play on geforce now
Friend 1: whats that?
Friend: the future is now bro.. CLOUD GAMING
by coolharry420 March 23, 2021
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It's the 8th generation of GPUs developed by nVIDIA Corporation and the first ones to support DirectX 10 (Shader Model 4.0 and OpenGL 2.0). It's preceeded by the GeForce 7 Series supporting up to DirectX 9.0c (SM 3.0) and suceeded by the GeForce 9 Series, still supporting the DirectX 10 API, unlike its rival, ATI, which released their first DirectX 10.1 cards with the HD 3000 Series.
Notable GeForce 8 Series GPUs:
GeForce 8400 GS.
GeForce 8600 GTS.
GeForce 8800 GTX.
by JayAlbie December 26, 2008
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The video cards with one of the biggest bloddy fans in the world. You can use the fan for almost anything.
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
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One of the infamously worst graphics cards ever made, running at an amazing 5 fps on Grand Theft Auto 5 with lowest settings at 720p.
Dave: Nice, what's in it?
Chad: Core 2 duo with a nvidia geforce gt 210!
Dave: You fucking idiot.
by TheForge129 July 7, 2020
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