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1. The size of your dick
2. The transistor size of Intel CPU, from 2014 to infinity, and beyond
In 2040:
AMD: Introduce our new consumer grade quantum hybrid CPU
Intel: 14nm+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
by EasyLife123 November 22, 2019

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Scientists have proof that this is the last thing an Intel HEDT CPU will see before it died
Intel fanboy: I'm gonna buy the 10980XE, it's the best of the best right now
People with a brain: The Threadripper 2970X is a thing you know. I'm going to wait for AMD to release the 3990X with 64 cores. That will crush that garbage you call HEDT and the Xeon Platinum at the same time
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by EasyLife123 November 22, 2019

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Neo-Conservatism, even though it isn't conservative. They claim to be for a small government, but they don't. They, representing the Republican, and Neo-Liberalism (or Neolib), representing the Democrats, are the globalist duo of modern American politics before the rise of Donald Trump, who was a Right-wing Populist
Fun fact: The father of Neo-Conservatism was a Trotskyist who turned to capitalism and liberal democracy when he realized that the Communist dream of a World Revolution is impossible
John: Do you know that Richard will vote Republican, even though he is a libertarian?
Steve, an actual libertarian: He is just a fucking Neocon
by EasyLife123 June 05, 2020

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A spin-off of Anti-Centrism which center around the concept of uniting ideologies outside of the Political Compass (For example: Egoism, INGSOC, Social Darwinism and Communalism) to destroy the concept of realism and radicalize everyone to become an off-compass follower. Their goal is to "Magnetize the Compass" and destroy the foundation of sensible political ideologies so that either a utopia or a dystopia (or both, that's the power of doublethink) can be created
Egoist: The compass is a spook
Ingsoc: The compass is doubleplusungood
Social Darwinist: The compass is genetically inferior
Communalist: The compass is a hoarder
All four of them: Let form Anti-Realism
by EasyLife123 June 05, 2020

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The second biggest CPU manufacture, behind Intel
Me after seeing benchmarks of the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X: A 12 core CPU with more performance than an i9 at half the price? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY
by EasyLife123 September 18, 2019

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Wife of PewDiePie
Everyone with an IQ of over 20: OMG, Felix and Marzia are married, I'm so happy for them
by EasyLife123 August 26, 2019

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Do you mean PewDiePie
A: Do you watch PewDiePie
B: You mean the biggest Minecraft YouTuber
by EasyLife123 August 26, 2019

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