When literally translated from Spanish, means "free".

Generally (outside of Spanish) used to refer to free (or FOSS) software (especially by GNU or the FSF).

Does NOT mean the same as "gratis" when referring to free software (gratis means truly free without any restrictions, libre means no charge plus some re-use rights/restrictions).
"We sometimes call it "libre software," borrowing the French or Spanish word for "free" as in freedom, to show we do not mean the software is gratis." ~ excerpt from a statement by the FSF
by br1mst0ne August 18, 2019
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Area between your bottom lip and chin, many people get a piercing there called a "Labret"
You pierced your libre? One more thing to take out at the metal detector.
by Sean Huggins March 31, 2004
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A FEETERS, when FEETERS, gets banned on Habbo Hotel, she feels the need to pick another stupid name without any meaning.
See: FEETERS, or cunt
Oh hi I'm Vicky and I'm Libres on Habbo Hotel.
by Propellers August 23, 2008
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when a woman goes without underwear; female version of going commando and free balling (from the Spanish)
Lindsey Lohan's decision to go cucha libre while wearing a short skirt shocked dedicated fans of the Parent Trap and Freaky Friday.
by Lyle Oquendo October 13, 2006
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Actually, a bacardi & coke with a shard of lime. Takes the boring old standard of rum and coke to a different level. (Whether that level is higher or lower ... you be the judge.)
Mon Cher, please bring me a Cuba Libre whilst I sit here on my lazy ass.
by Shmouse May 19, 2005
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is the term commonly used on continental Europe, and increasingly in other non-anglophone areas for Free & Open-Source Software/Code.
Anglophones sometimes have arguments over "free" v. "open" (libre, gratis, abierto...); the continentals don't waste their time.
The Spanish sometimes say codigo abierto (open code) too when referring to this concept.
See free software and FOSS.
FOSS, FLOSS, open-source, free software are all covered by software libre.
Examples of products: Linux, the Apache web server, Firefox
by CarlosC March 10, 2006
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A drink made from Rum and Lime Tang usually made when supplies are low or when you are in Nicaragua.

Un traigo mexclado de Ron y Tang Limon, usualmente hacido cuando no tienes limon o estas en Nicaragua.
That ghetto libre went down smooth the other day!

Damn, we don't have any lime and all we have is plata rum. I guess we'll make ghetto libres.

Mierda, no tenemos limon ni ron Flor de Caña. No te preoccupes, tengo Tang Limon. Que bien!
by Wallpro August 6, 2010
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