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A Pwam is the guy that is just there for the food. He is excited for the food. He loves the food. He cherishes the food. Good food? Bad food? It doesn't matter, he's just excited for the food.
Jimmy: Hey Pwam, what are you here for?

Pwam: I'm just here for the food.
by Sazmo August 24, 2011
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Pussy WhippedAt the Moment
I asked my buddy Ryan to play golf , but his wife wouldnt let him play. He is so pwam!!!
by Strata August 02, 2006
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noun.A smooth, good looking boy who gives girls the promise of something more but never follows through.
Mandy-"Wow! That Ryan kid is really cute."
Anna- "Oh, don't bother, he's a Pwam."
by Veronica Sweetcheeks August 05, 2008
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