Related to the musician Rockwell (Kennedy William Gordy) who sang the popular song "Somebody's Watching Me". This term defines the action of someone watching/following a person without their permission, aka stalking. Rockwell can have the suffix -ed or -ing added in certain situations.

Alternate meaning can signify being tricked or fooled by your friend(s), etc.
I met this ugly chick last night at the bar, and she's been Rockwelling me ever since.

Damn son! If you like her that much, just pull a Rockwell.

You just got Rockwelled bitch!
by Toyin Oluwole December 12, 2007
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any person or thing named Norman or Norm first or last name.
this is my friend Norman also known as Rockwell.
by urantiamichael August 01, 2010
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An ideology named after and inspired by America's first open post-WW2 National Socialist, George Lincoln Rockwell. This ideology pertains closest to paleoconservatism with several NS elements. Rockwell would have identified such an ideology as free-enterprise or Americanized National Socialism.
My political ideology leans closest to Rockwellism.
by ARBPDoesStuff May 30, 2019
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A replacement for the word 'well' that is a reference to the optimistic and wholesome pictures of Norman Rockwell;
Conversational shorthand to indicate that you, your spouse, and your kids are doing fine, and that your life generally consists of being largely consumed by those activities centred around nuclear family.

Particularly useful when catching up with someone you haven't spoken to in some time, and wish to keep the conversation as brief as possible.
Bob: Hey, Joe! I haven't seen you for years! How's your wife and the family?
Joe: Hey Bob. Things are good, nothing really new. We're pretty Rockwell.
by scott oberg September 12, 2007
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Dr. Rockwell is one of the most loyal and honest people you'll ever meet in your life. He is also a pure genius and impresses everyone around him with his knowledge and expertise in many different subjects. Dr. Rockwell is considered a god by those around him and arouses both men and women at the sight. He also rumored to be the best person you'll ever have sex with, so don't miss the chance if you can.
Person 1: Did you see Dr. Rockwell? He's so sexy and smart!
Person 2: I'd literally do anything to have him as my boyfriend!
Person 1: Same here sister!
by Depression Is Inevitable December 21, 2019
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A zarking brilliant actor who should have totally won an Oscar for Moon.
"Moon is awesome, right?"
"Yeah! Sam Rockwell should have totally won an Oscar!"
by anakinmcfly February 08, 2010
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The most ordinary looking actor with the most attractive and cunning personality.
"Who's your favorite actor?"

"Sam Rockwell! Need I say more?"
by madtall April 19, 2019
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