"Bite my nuts you moronic putz," is an epithet used on people raiding apricot orchards in Israel.
Moishe had just climbed over the wall, and was sneaking up to an apricot tree when he heard the dreaded words, "Bite my nuts you moronic putz!"

He narrowly escaped, followed by a blast of rock salt.
by scodder May 28, 2010
Damn,that virgin has a charp putze!
by Mr.Sailboat April 14, 2006
National leader that misjudges the rest of the world in relationship to their nation.
Vladimir Putin misjudged how the Ukrainians and the rest of the World, would "welcome" his invasion.
He is such a Li'l Putz.
by Gerk Merkin March 15, 2022
A Slur describing Russians in mother russia
Wow he likes Putin what a putz
by LeninMyMom March 15, 2022
This is the type of person who is an absolute retard (an absolute window licker) you know who you are
There is a putz drinking windex
by Shithead Jones April 14, 2021
(West Coast of US) an awkward, bumbling, ignorant person who doesn't know what he's/she's doing; similar to "dufus"
Look, those putzes could'nt figure out the weed whacker so they're out there trimming the grass with scissors!
by Rathanlor January 14, 2021
Brazilian slang. It does not mean anything alone, but when used in a sentence can mean "oh no!", "ops!", "omg!", etc.
Usually used when someone fucks something up by accident (or when anything slightly bad happens).
Not to be used in very serious situations, as it may be offensive.
The brazilian equivalent of "man, that sucks".
"My computer crashed before I could save the essay I was writing yesterday!"
"Putz... Did you have to write it all again?"
by kelparty October 13, 2021