Vulgar Yiddish slang for penis, i.e. "dick". Not to be used lightly or jokingly.
Shut up, putz!
by putzhead July 29, 2009
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Used also to describe someone who is taking their time in a lazy manner. This is akin to saying that someone was lazy for an undefined period of time (see putzing, putzes, or putzed).
Joe was a putz with his computer.
Chuck putzes in his office.
Matt putzed on the golf course all day.
by Guler March 11, 2005
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Putz technically means fool or jerk. Vulgarly it means penis. In german it is Aufputz which means 'to clean'
He's a putz... ie... He's a jerk
He has/is a putz... ie... He has/is a penis
by Kaytee P April 08, 2003
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Technician's lingo form Yiddish word "putz" dick.

To change or alter something haphazardly in order to observe a result. Often done with no significant goal in mind and as a form of wasting time. Interchangeable with "dick around".

Someone who putz's with equipment on a regular basis instead of contributing a in useful manner may be called a putz monkey.
Work gave me an old sever to putz with.
by Waz3113 February 06, 2007
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