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Reneissance Fair, a gathering for geeky types, who like to dress in Reneissance and Medieval costume, listen to Medieval music and pretend it's 1340 all over again.
Let's go to the Renfair and drink some fake mead.
by gramaticon August 2, 2005
A moustache that entrely covers the mouth, giving the impression that it acts as a strainer when drinking or eating soup.
Anthony grew a soup strainer moustache, but shaved it when it started to get in the way of his food.
by gramaticon July 21, 2005
Subscribing to a course of action reminiscent of organized crime. Acting or conducting business in a way that is violent and totally without conscience. Acting like a gangster/thug/hoodlum.
Running business or holding a high government position with the help of hired guns, intimidation and the occasional asassination.
by gramaticon June 24, 2005
A typical ad-hominem insult devised by conservative media personae. Used to smear politicians, actors, singers, community leaders, philosophers and regular citizens who speak out against any injustice carried out by any member of either the Republican party or any other highly conservative power. Basically, if you don't tow the party line completely or if you question the judgement of the President or Republican leadership, you're a "moon bat," (completely insane.)
Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton is a moon bat! Howard Dean is a moon bat!

Some historical moon bats: Plato, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, John Brown, Henry David Thoreau, Fredrick Douglas, Gandhi, Lincoln.
by gramaticon August 2, 2005