A huge lamewad, gets tickled easily, flighty, cowardly, and shy.
"Man Tom Ford, you're being a real puss puss right now."
by ampf98 June 15, 2017
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A Burlington Ontario slang for the term “homosexual.” Founded by Jana Aburad
by Iain Evans April 28, 2021
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A Burlington Ontario slang word for “homosexual.”
Ethan is a puss puss boy.”
Jana stop calling me a puss puss boy!”
by Iain Evans April 28, 2021
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When You Eat a Hookers Pussy Out and Make a Vile Expression.
"Oh God Boy Why You Lookin so Hookenasty Puss Puss rn, COME ON LETS GO DEEPER!"
by MinderTing July 16, 2020
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A man who has no balls, more commonly known as a pussy. He couldn't get any even if he tried.
Wow, Daniel is such a Puss Puss McGoogles, he must be really close to using baseball cards to jack off to.
by B F A November 9, 2006
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a term used to describe someone who is being a dick head, ass, moron, any of the above originally came from the term "pussy" but added a little more flavor with a rhyme
Tom: Yo, the Yankees are going to win the world series. I guarantee it.

John: Shut the fuck up. You're such a puss puss cunuss
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