Tom Ford is widely known as a successful American fashion designer. Also, the term was adopted by urban societies in the last 1990s referring to successful drug dealers that would sniff cocaine off of tables.

This reference has recently regained notoriety in hip-hop artist Jay-Z's song "Tom Ford".
"I don't pop molly, I rock Tom Ford"

Meaning, Jay-Z is stating his level of dominance over other artists by the fact that while they are doing weaker drugs like MDMA, Jay-Z sniffs cocaine off tables.
by act1n_5hady September 24, 2013
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Perhaps America's most recognized fashion designer, Tom Ford is best known for his time spent at Gucci. Prior to Ford joining, the House of Gucci was about to fall, until this genius came along and gave it a spectactular revival. Ford left Gucci in 2004, leaving it, once again, amongst the most prestigious design houses in the world. Many believe Tom has an obsession with sex in his designs--his time at Gucci suggesting this to be very true.
"Tom Ford is a fashion God."

"Yes, and if it wasn't for him, Hollywood celebrities might not still be carrying their favourite Gucci handbags."
by oh no she didn't! August 7, 2005
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To pull a Tom Ford - To skive or not show up. Is he ill ? No he's pulling a Tom Ford
Person 1 -He's such a skiver ...

Person 2 -Yeah he's pulling a Tom Ford
by Tobias Knows January 25, 2016
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To loose your virginity in the back seat of your car, behind a Sams Club, only lasting about a minute, and cumming inside her without a condom.
Dude I definitely tom forded this girl last night I’m so embarrassed .
by Njharlan April 7, 2018
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