The act of having sexual intercourse before entering high school.
Jermaine: When did you lose your virginity?

Colin: I was puppy fucking my girlfriend in 8th Grade.
by Jagesh Fastabop August 30, 2009
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It is like when you screw the pooch. Only if the pooch was much younger and you screwed up way worse.
Damnit, Jon! You blew it on your interview. You are really puppy fucked now!
by btank May 5, 2015
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What cougars crave! A young guy that is picked up by older women.
Hey Betty look at that puppy fuck sitting at the bar, im going to take him home and teach him a lesson or two.
by Beckozz December 2, 2011
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1. When a situation or a statement made by a friend makes no sense at all. 2. When your at a loss for words
Dave: Yo man, this morning around 3 i fell into a wormhole, lost the rabbit i was saving in my backpocket for later, got my leg cut from the switch blade that gangbanger shot out of his elephant trunk blowgun, and ate cold pizza.

Tony: Puppies fucking kittens man

Dave: What part don't you understand dumbass?
by tkettle June 26, 2010
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someone who is a piece of shit, a waist of life, a bad person!!!!!!!
All day long when I was at work, My boss acted like an anal licking puppy fuck.
by Lance B 0325 February 5, 2010
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The concept that many couples seem to have defining a role of a person that will join their sexual relationship much like an innocent and helpless puppy would. Also, any person filling such a role.
Can you believe that she is willing to be their Fuck Puppy?!?! I mean they don't even let her hang out with her friends anymore. I think it's really sad, I wish she would maintain better boundaries for herself!
by BonezTheGoon February 7, 2013
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a sex toy (person) that is usually a slutty woman
That bitch is nothing but a fuck puppy
by joelish07070 March 1, 2006
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