Western term used to describe something or someone that is badass
Did you see those ostrich boots they're punchy as hell!
by kuboy December 27, 2016
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A cheap, jokerman boxer with little skill.
Vincent Vega trashing Butch: I think you heard me just fine, punchy. (Pulp Fiction)
by Phong N February 3, 2007
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A term used to describe a cowboy who is wearing something extremely badass, gay, or extreme.
Now that boy looks punchy as hell!
by USS PussyDestroyer69 February 26, 2017
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a slang term coined in Serbia for a touch tone telephone.
"Dede's place is so old he doesn't even have a Punchy"
"Rotary phones are shit, its all about the Punchy"
"Pass me your Punchy, im calling Dragana"
by Fongnation September 22, 2007
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When a person is not chunky or pudgy but in between.
Boyfriend: Hey sweetheart how bout yu don't eat supper tonight you are getting punchy.

Girlfriend: At least I'm not a HIPPO!!!
by Fluffzilla August 20, 2007
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Silly in a manic sort of way, as in the frame of mind induced by too little sleep and too much caffeine.
I was so punchy after my all-nighter that I walked up to my boss and tweaked her nose, just because I felt like it.
by house9 June 24, 2004
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