13 definitions by infamous budgerigar

East coast Scots for "we're not having sex with a condom on. " - usually uttered by wannabe single mothers to their ned boyfriends.
Its bare taw or nae taw at aw. If you want to shag me, nae johnny.
by infamous budgerigar July 4, 2016
East coast of Scotland term for "shut up".
Shut yer puss ya dick, or I will knock fuck out of ye.
by infamous budgerigar July 1, 2016
Overly white teeth or veneers that look like they were done on the cheap in Turkey. Think Rylan, Jordan or Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees.
There seems to be a lot of lads and girls in Glasgow walking around with Turkey Teeth. Their teeth are so large and white they could eat an apple through a tennis racquet.
by infamous budgerigar April 5, 2021
A nicer way of calling you a dirty bastard in Scotland. Can also be used as a friendly greeting.
How you doin', ya dirty badger!
by infamous budgerigar July 1, 2016
I pumped that dirty wee midden in her parents'bed!
by infamous budgerigar July 1, 2016
Scots. Literally means "master of whores". Used to describe someone who associates with loose women.
What were ye doing with that trollop Susie, ya fucking hoormaister ye!
by infamous budgerigar July 1, 2016