A sarcastic cheer when a struggling team completes a mundane task.
The crowd let out a bronx cheer when the goalie finally made a save
by the dirty hungarian December 22, 2009
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Booing and heckling someone who is disliked by a large crowd.
Big Papi is always given a loud Bronx Cheer when he comes to play at Yankee Stadium.
by Mike from the Bronx February 24, 2010
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Dialect from the New York area, a medium-pitched warbled emitted from the rear poop passage, usually associated with the emission of shit juice.

Bronx Cheer is a term associated with a similar word from the New York dialect, Bronx Bombers - a word commonly misunderstood to refer to the proverbial team's hitting prowess, it is now known that both terms originate with a regrettable roadtrip night during which the Pinstripers spent binging on beans and broccoli.

The home team, none other than the Chowds, was so overcome with the super nauseous naus that contributed immediately to the Yanks 8-1 win the next day, as well as an immediate need for team-wide uniform pant replacements.

The next time the commie-boots visited the Babe's house, Yankee fans greeted them with a chorus of orally-produced "Bronx Cheers" complete with dip-juice to simulate the events of the road trip prior.
"Why is Timmy in the office?"
"Right after history class started, he stood up, bent over and gave Mrs. Nance a real Bronx Cheer."
by Danktangan March 4, 2017
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A sign of contempt, usually when you
stick your tongue between your lips,
and you blow though them, resulting
in a loud, blubbering, and flatulent
noise. Also called a raspberry
(definitions 2 and 3).
My coworker from my old job was
such a loser. I said to my friend
online that he deserves a loud,
rousing good cheer...

... a Bronx cheer.
by CDSmith1967 January 17, 2006
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When the crowd at a sporting event start booing. Origin in baseball.
And here comes the Bronx cheer! The crowd is not liking the Ref's call on this one, at ALL!
by talk2me-JCH2 April 1, 2021
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Also known as " blowing a raspberry" or "a raspberry". It is made by placing the tongue between the lips, or alternately placing the lips against any area of skin, and blowing. It is meant to replicate a fart and is a sign of derision. The term "Bronx cheer" dates back to the 1920s to signify this sound. The other definitions are historically incorrect if they do not mention this sound.
A Yankee or Mets losing season would elicit a Bronx cheer.
by Bronx old timer August 16, 2020
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a loud and rude flatuation sound made with the lips
For all my efforts, all I got a Bronx cheer from my cousin.
by Light Joker January 10, 2007
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