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The most amazing girl in the world.... so funny and smart and sweet.. She's the girl you can't ignore.. Every guy named Andy loves her... She's simply a goddess!!!
"Wow, you're amazing. You remind me of Ornella"

"That girl HAS to be an Ornella... She's so cool!"
by nellyyyyyyyy December 07, 2012
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a very sexy italian and if she's not italian i bet shes still pretty sexy!!! if you walk past one of these you will find yourself in an incredibly erect position!!!
"mate why are you sat down?" "ornella just walked past!!"
by jh4oj August 24, 2011
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A good-looking family comprised of good-looking family members. Every member of an Ornellas family is good-looking. Considerably "hot," "sexy," or "cute"
That person is smoking hot, they must be an Ornellas.
by observerinthehk March 18, 2010
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Ornella is a person who is unique and different to other people, as the name Ornella is unique as opposed to more common names like Sarah for instance. Ornella is beautiful and lovely in their own way.

As Harry Styles says, each and every person is an Ornella. <3
Lucas: You’re a real Ornella.
Hanna: You’re an Ornella too. I love you Ornella.
Lucas: I love you too Ornella.
by lukestylinson28 June 03, 2018
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