It's a kind of rock but I always thought it sounded like it could be another word for "butt-hair"
Freddy: Hey, did you get that answer on the geology test about pumice?

Me: Why would butt-hair be on a geology test?
by Diggity Dawg January 31, 2011
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Pronounced: pümice - poomice.

a woman's inner thigh close to her vagina
The only foreplay I need to do is to gently stroke her pumice. I start with her left pumice, then work my way to the right.
by strider7 April 12, 2015
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1) A vagina which is so dry that having sex with it could be likened to pumicing one's penis.

2) A scouring device to remove topical symptoms of STIs such as genital warts from the vulval or vaginal regions. Also for the more vigilant personal hygiene freak.

3) A sex toy for those who like it rough.

4) Used to wear down the hymen before first-time sex.

5) A pumice stone shaped like female genitalia.
1) Her minge was so dry it was like using a minge-pumice.

2) "She's such a filthy skank, she needs a minge-pumice for all her STIs."

3) "God I'm sore this morning, I spent so much time masturbating with my minge-pumice last night."

4) "She had such an indestructible hymen we had to use a minge-pumice to get in there!"

5) "Minge-pumices can be found on aisle 5 along with other feminine hygiene products."
by volcanicvaginas May 19, 2011
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A pumice cock is a penis which has been thorougly scrubbed with a pumice rock, because of a recent sexual intercourse with a person whom you believe to have STD's. The act of "pumicing" can be applied to any part of the human body which you believe to be infected, eg. pumice anus.
ok, so i had a beer. Ok, so maybe it was more like 12. Maybe i fucked the dinnerlady from my local high-school. You know, the one who all your friends goaded you about when you were like 9 (lets just say shes no princess).

Waking up in the morning laid next to her, an overwhelming feeling of utter dispair washes over me, just like the STD's washing over my cock. I immediately leap from the bed and make my escape while sleeping beauty rests.

Arriving home i head straight for the bathroom, where i locate the pumice rock. My only logical option is to get busy with the pumice rock on my freshly diseased member.

Friend: "Dude, how many times did you fuck her last night?"
Me: "Seriously! Enough times to warrant a PUMICE COCK!!!!"
by Randy Savage's Bitch October 25, 2005
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1. The Stuff you find in soap
2. A crazy man telephone operator who keeps you on the phone way too long, charges you extra money, makes you spell his name and never connects your call.
1. I scrub my feet with pumice in the shower.
2. I missed my buss and never got to call mom because this asshole Operator named Pumice wouldn't get off the phone connect my call.
by Jersey Girl in Florida April 7, 2020
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1)The event in which pumice (an extremely light non dense pyroclastic vasicular rock) is blown by a breeze and acts in the same fashion as a tumble weed.

2) The title of the holiday/celebration/festivities/fiesta held on May 10th, during which one celebrates whatever they damn well please, however they damn well please.

*in both cases they got that pyroclastic flow*
1) Dude check out that Tumble Pumice, is practically the tumble weeds of the geological realm

2) Man, I got so blasted at my Tumble Pumice yesterday, and basically puked out my entrails

3) Rob Schneider is ... a tumble pumice?
by theglidemaster May 9, 2015
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