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Getting hired for a job, despite being highly unqualified. Typically, you applied for said job as a dare, joke, or just because you can. You BS your way through the initial interview process, until it becomes too embarrassing to admit you're not actually qualified and you don't actually want the job.

Usually, the said job requires a career of experience and great feats; however you manage to bypass the process by: keeping your goals vague, not giving any details about your plans, and stating that you alone can fill this position.

Bonus points are earned if you are hired despite being openly bigoted towards anyone different from yourself, AND you are chosen over someone who is obviously much more qualified than yourself.
Jill: I can't believe I actually got that job as the pitching coach for the New York Yankees. I've never even thrown a baseball my life!

Tom: Wow, that's really pulling a Trump.
by feel_the_bern November 15, 2016
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Getting called out for saying or posting sexist, disrespectful things. Blocking the people that called you out and making them out to be the villains.
He is pulling a Trump and banning everyone on social media after being called out for being a sexist pig.
by Tim Trump September 12, 2019
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Sticking to your guns no matter how wrong you are.
Gary: "There are 8 days in a week." Frank: "No Gary there are 7: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. That is 7." Gary: "Nah man, sunday counts twice." Frank: "Quit pulling a trump and admit you're wrong"
by angry_pooper July 17, 2015
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When someone clearly does not know when to put their foot in their mouth and says things thay are going spark International debates.
Possibly starting World War 3
by Were fucked July 02, 2017
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When someone actually takes your and makes up you said on twitter or from outside the White house.
To tell a lie on Twitter and then lie about your lie on twitter then call the truth FAKE NEWS.
Pulling a Trump today going to lie to on Twitter and then called the truth Fake News.
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by trumpedupnews15 September 30, 2019
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