What da students of a rude/unfair teacher bring, either against him/her directly and//or da entire school.
If Ethan Couch's papa had indeed purchased da entire school just so dat his "little prince" could be unreasonably coddled da way he preferred, da other students would likely have filed a class-action lawsuit against said brat's paternal enabler for da torture dat said special treatment was subjecting all of THEM to.
by QuacksO February 15, 2020
A way of suing a corporation for big money and something increasingly corporations wish to deprive you of via their Terms of Service

Alt Definition: Legalese for a bunch of sons of a single bitch to come together and all fuck their bitch-ass mother at once
TikTok was able to settle the class action lawsuit before they would have to pay EVEN MORE money to everybody
by InvaderInvader December 10, 2021