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v. surpassing traffic by driving in the turn lane until you have reached your destination
There was so much traffic on the way to the beach, I had to start pulling a Mary.
by Pastor Gas June 10, 2015
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At school when you have two sitting at a table and one of the two desk mates moves to got sit with one of his/her other friends and leaves you by yourself.
Joe: Yeah I'm going to go sit next to Abby
Rick: What you're just going to leave me here by myself
Sebastian: Oh man. Joe was just pulling a Mary. haha
by RocoSpikey April 28, 2010
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Complete utter random-ness, Lightweight, Nicotine Fiend.
Squeezing somebody's nose at random.
Rambling about something that has nothing to do with the conversation being said.
Someone who can't hold their alcohol, and snores.
Someone who needs a cigarrete every 2 fucking seconds.

Me: Hey Mary, I need the gate card to open up the gate.
Mary: HUH?!.. WHAT?!.. *snores*
Me: Um, Mary.. how you feeling right now?
Mary: HUHH?!... WHAAATS GOING ON?! *snores*
Mary: *1 hour later* *wakes up* MAN! I NEED A FUCKING CIGARETTE OR IMA KILL A BITCH!!!
Me: *pissed off* WTF, YOUR PULLING A MARY AGAIN!!!
by Plastiq Trip October 22, 2007
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