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When you tell a lie with a straight face knowing full well what you just said isn't true. Basically you're full of shit and just pulled what you just said out of your ass. When even your lies have lies.
Girlfriend: "I'm always ready on time!"
You: you know you just "pulled a trump"
by EL Barbaro Lives July 17, 2017
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When you 'grab them by the pussy'. If she is aware enough, she will decide if its ok, and if not she will immediately recognize this as sexual assault, and you will be charged accordingly. This should prevent you from becoming President of the United States, but not in all cases.
OK: I saw my wifey in the washroom and pulled a Trump. She was a'ight with dat.
Not OK: I'm successful. I saw some fine ass who was 'hanging out with me', so I 'pulled a Trump' man!
by Blunt Monk January 09, 2017
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When you get in trouble for saying something racist
"I hearf your building a wall" teacher:"Henry! Dont say that! Detention now!" I guessed I pulled a trump
by Nik3.St4R August 26, 2017
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When your Temperament Gets the Better of You: quality that keeps peoples internal thought from saying/doing things others see as being a total jerk, you just say it anyway.
I can't believe I expected strangers to understand my satire, I just blurted out an offensive comment, I guess I Pulled a Trump.
by BadlandZ September 24, 2016
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