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A boy, or ugly girl, who's personality is marginally worse than their looks.
Cunt #1: I love her. She's perfect for me.
Other bloke : She's an absolute pudding boy you fucking cabbage.
Cunt #1: sorry ard
A passing stranger: you got the time please mate?
Cunt #1: time for you to fuck off pal.
by MenuMenuMenu September 23, 2016
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Derived from Midwestern Suburban English, it is an term with many definitions, originally used in high schools as an insult for cliques to sling back and forth.

1.) pudding boy: noun: a male (or female) of any age past 18 who is willing and flexible enough to lick their own anus.

2.) puddin' boy: noun: a personal sex slave of various abilities

3.) puddin' boy: verb: the act of following strict orders to eat excrement for another's pleasure

4.) pudding boy: noun: an insulting word to an outsider or enemy that describes them as someone's slave, particularly for sex or other uncomfortable tasks

Synonyms: slave, gimp, rimjobber, tosser, sissy, prison-bitch

Antonyms: free, unchained, alpha, unowned
"Where is Johnny?"
"Oh, you hadn't heard? Johnny is Jamie's pudding boy now. I alway's knew some girl would take his soul completely.

Get away from me, you're just a lowly pudding

Pudding boy it you little whore!
by Gonadgonad November 16, 2016
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