When you shave your ass-crack, I can see your puckers
by Ryan June 24, 2004
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(v.) A state where the rim of the rectum contracts and causes imbalance and partial blindness. This is often followed by the massive power-trips and the collision of body to ground. Recent studies done by scientist Nathan baily have shown this disorder is 1000% more likely in power-tripping, middle aged, bald, stealers fans.
Herold Gifferd, AKA "Giffy Gou" states, "I was just cutting wood on top of a hill and all the sudden i heard someone shout for me and i ran down to introduce myself. Was running down the hill and i started the phrase"MY NAME IS HEEERRROOLLLL......" and then and their it happend i puckerd.... i felt my rectum tighten and a flash of pain shot up my blader. It felt as if my recutum tightend on a thousand pieces of glass. I went down like a sack of fat shit (o wait i am one). It took months to recover but with proper medication and diligece i will overcome my disorder
by Cowboy13 September 12, 2012
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Slang word used in the uk meaning great or good. often used by the chef jamie oliver.
this potatoes will be pucker
by kjellsor June 10, 2004
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Pucker = asshole. An asshole will often tighten up- or pucker up - when something important happens. Any event, good or bad, business or pleasure can cause one's asshole to pucker. When my asshole is all puckered up, it is closed real tight - like a fortress.
My asshole got all puckered up the other day when I won a major sales contract !
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
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My girlfriend and I had anal sex last night, she's got a tight pucker.
by habeebit December 09, 2003
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Pills containing MDMA (ecstasy) among other drugs and chemicals (most commonly amphetamines) that serve to boost the energetic high so that it will last longer. Many ravers prefer to take pills than pure MDMA not only because it is seen as the traditional form but also because they find that a couple will allow them to keep dancing all night whereas after taking MDMA the individual will usually "crash" (get tired) after several hours and have to take more in order to get their energy back. Pills are also preferred because they are cheaper.
Got any puckers on you?
by merlin2k8 March 03, 2008
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